“Our ‘hands-on’ approach in day to day management provides us with a unique advantage in harnessing all of the attributes of each and every product we sell.”

Entering new markets

To broaden the Company’s market focus and benefit from rapidly changing markets in the home health and Wellness segment of the health industry worldwide, the Company is rapidly adapting to 21st century marketing techniques providing high performance health related products on the worldwide web. In October 2017, VMS Rehab Systems Inc formed its first European subsidiary in Warsaw Poland called VMS Rehab Polska Sp zo.o. to design develop and manufacture a new line of branded orthopedic seat cushions for consumption in with markets the world over. In conjunction with the launch of the new OrthoCush™ product line, a unique OrthoCush™ E Shop will open in Q1 2018.

A 21st Century Health Business

VMS Rehab Systems, Inc. today is very much the 21st Century health business that underscores the vision of the company’s management. With target markets that focus squarely on routine health issues of vast portions of the global population such as back pain and/or the discomforts of pain in the lower extremities, VMS will forge ahead with its plan to provide products on a world wide scale keyed on improving the quality of life for men and woman the world over.